Talks & Workshops

Main presentation topics: Archaeology, Gender, Technology, Interdisciplinary work, LGBT+ Issues

Sexing and Gendering the Body: What We Get Wrong and How We Can Fix This

22nd March 2018

Presented at SSSB Conference 2018.

This presentation discussed models of sex and gender in bioarchaeology, and talked about potential ways these can be adapted in future, with some focus on how trans and intersex people and bodies are considered and contextualised

This talk won the Student Podium award

Panel: LGBT+ Inclusivity in Tech

9th Feb 2018

Presented at Kingston University for LGBT+ History Month.

This panel discussed the experiences of LGBT+ people within the industry and in CS academia, the history of LGBT+ people's work in this field, and compared/contrasted to experiences in other STEM fields.

Panel: Being Non-Binary in Tech

29th July 2017

Presented at Non-Binary in Tech 2017.

This panel discussed the experiences of non-binary people within the technology industry, how inclusion has been improved, and how inclusion can be improved further.

Workshop: Zero Tolerance to Sexual Misconduct

Sep-Oct 2017

Created and presented workshop material to new students at UCL as part of a grassroots campaign to combat sexual harassment.